about us

We are full service packing specialists trained in the art of the perfect pack. Whether you’re moving across town or across the world, Breathe Easy Packing has the experience to help you with your moving needs. We specialize in residential and commercial moves. With our organized and streamlined packing process our customers can breathe easy knowing our company will provide a hassle, stress free moving experience each and every day!




Our Services

Breathe Easy Packing has a variety of services that allow us to create customized moving experiences for every customer and every price range. When you partner with Breathe Easy Packing for your move, you get one-of-a-kind knowledge, experience and service. Here’s what makes us different and what Breathe Easy Packing can do for you:


Full Service Home and/or Office Packing

We offer full service home and/or office packing to help customers that are preparing to stage and list, move, downsize or simply need to organize and declutter. 

Declutter & Stage Before Listing

We can assist the customers with an organized process to declutter, while removing and packing some belongings to stage before photos. We can also help the customer in organizing and storing their belongings in a desirable and appealing style.

Packing Materials & Supplies

Customers can choose to provide their own packing materials or Breathe Easy Packing will provide all packing supplies and materials including, but not limited to; boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape and labels as needed.

Organized & Streamlined Packing Process

With our simple, organized and streamlined process, we increase our efficiency by simplifying tasks, bypassing unnecessary steps and cutting waste. Our thorough room by room process allows the move to flow smoothly and hassle free.

Simple Move Out/Move In Cleaning

We provide a basic cleaning service using our own supplies or the customers. We will perform a simple cleaning of windows, walls, floors, appliances, bathrooms,  closets and kitchen shelves.

Complimentary Survey & Estimates

We schedule a convenient time for the client to allow us to survey their home or office and the services required. We provide the client with a written estimate detailing the estimated hours and the supplies needed. 





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